EcoDA Platform

The EcoDA platform aims to facilitate processes of commoning resilience practices by mediating between diverse local experiences. It also provides digital tools for knowledge exchange, capacity and resource sharing, connectivity and mutual support.

In its current form, the platform contains a database of tools (some prototyped during the project, some that we have researched and some that are in a ‘brief’ stage and open for future development). It offers a space for users and contributors to propose additional tools, form collaborations to develop tools and trace the evolution of the platform over time.

As a way of guiding the expansion of the platform, we list below the scales of tools that we have identified by engaging with practitioners and communities on the ground:

  • micro-local scale: tools for internal self-management of a unit or hub (eg coordination and internal organisation)

  • local scale: tools for interaction with other groups and hubs, institutions and organisations, at the city level, to form networks of mutual support, enable resource sharing and scaling through replication (eg sharing project processes, local knowledge and know-how)

  • trans-local scale: tools for interaction across cities, at the region level, to form wider knowledge networks and enable advocacy capabilities (eg education and training, network interaction and communication)

Read the EcoDA platform's terms of use.